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Editor is an app that gives local leagues global exposure. Perfect if you are a fan or a member of a local league and want to manage its results.


Request access to edit a league or tournament

  • Start by requesting access from the Sofascore team.
  • We will review your application and give you the access for the league you want to manage within 24 hours.
  • For now you can edit football and basketball leagues. Tennis and other sports will be available soon.

Create teams

  • You can create teams or edit existing teams
  • Optional - add players and update their info

Create matches

  • Follow the game and add match events optionally.
  • All the match events you add will be immediately visible in the Sofascore app.

Leave your mark

  • Make your teams visible to more than 20 mil. monthly active users.
  • Your name tag will be visible in the Sofascore app.
  • Share the scores of your local teams and leagues in the best livescore platform.
  • Have a well organized preview of the tournaments and leagues you manage.

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