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I have requested access for a league, but I don't see it on the list?
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Receiving access for a league isn't instantaneous. First, our admins need to grant you access after an evaluation period.

I have received access to a league, but I don't see any teams in it?
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Sofascore Editor enables you to create teams that are participating in the league you manage. Just click on the ‘Teams’ tab and use the + button in the right corner to create teams.

Teams/Players I created aren’t visible on the app?
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Teams/Players you create need to be approved by an admin before they become visible. The approval process may take a while because our admins need to check that all the information provided is correct.

Will I get paid if I become an Editor?
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Being an Editor isn’t a paid position, but it grants certain benefits.

I can’t install the Editor on my Apple phone?
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Sofascore Editor is currently not available on Apple phones. However, you can use our Web Editor through your phone's browser.

I’m unable to manage every match in my league live?
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It’s not necessary to edit every match in your league live. You can always add the final result once the match is over.

Why isn’t the league table updating?
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After every round you need to navigate to the ‘Standings’ tab and press ‘Recalculate’ (Two arrows going in a circle on the mobile Editor).

Editor is not working properly?
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If you're experiencing any problems with Sofascore Editor, please contact us at [email protected] with the details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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