Project Co-funded by the European Union

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The project "Innovative application for following lower-ranked and amateur sports Sofascore Editor" implemented by Sofa IT d.o.o. is co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund within the Call for Proposals "Innovation of newly established SMEs - Phase II".

Difficult access to the results of lower-ranked sports leagues makes it impossible to follow the sports results, which is the main problem that this project addresses. The project aims to create an adequate system for entering and reviewing sports results and statistics of lower leagues called Sofascore Editor. The system will contain key functionalities that solve this problem, which will increase satisfaction and the number of end-users in the global market.

Since the market analysis has proven that the greatest interest is in football, the main focus of the project will be precisely on that popular sport, with many interesting options for followers. And a system for entering basketball results will be added as well.

The adjustment of the software solution will lead to an increase in sales revenue by 35%, new job positions (+5), and export growth of 30% by 2022. Target groups are amateur athletes, clubs, associations and sports enthusiasts, and the general community.

The project is divided into the following activities:

Activity 1
Adaptation of the developed product to market requirements
Result of Activity 1
The Sofascore Editor product is fully completed and ready to enter the market
Activity 2
Product launch preparation
Result of Activity 2
Sofascore Editor ready to launch in targeted European and global markets
Activity PM
Project managment
Result of Activity PM
Successfully implemented 1 project in accordance with the Implementing Regulation of EU projects, auditor's report prepared
Activity V
Communication and Visibility
Result of Activity V
Interested public informed of the project

The total value of the project is HRK 1.740.950,98., of which HRK 1.391.218,16 was co-funded by the EU.

Project start article

Article about successfully completed project

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Strateški projekt za podršku inicijativa klastera konkurentnosti, Sporazuma o partnerstvu između Korisnika i Partnera te Operativnog programa Konkurentnost i kohezija 2014. – 2020.